Architectural Styles

To first-time visitors, Cabbagetown's streetscape of well-maintained victorian housing, an eclectic variety of styles and an intimate scale give the sense of a small, well-kept town from the nineteenth century. Some streets, such as Metcalfe present a view that is very close to that of a century ago. But this neighbourhood is not a museum. Behind many restored façades are some starkly modern interiors and rear constructions Down the lanes can be found the cutting edge of industrial conversion. Out of sight and above the rooflines, Cabbagetown's upper story includes some stunning and creative deck gardens. With the community's mix of income, some hidden renovations are directed by hired designers and architects; some are thoughtfully planned and carried out through the payment of sweat equity.

The historical experience of Cabbagetown is expressed through its streetscape: the building facades, gardens, fences and other elements that are visible from the sidewalk. This area, unique in the density of original buildings and the general quality of restoration, presents a rare view of the nineteenth century for us to-day. Homeowners contribute to that when they make changes consistant with the style of their homes.

What style is your home? We often identify our homes as Victorian, but "Victorian" isn't a style, it's a period. Like us, the Victorians loved to play "architectural dress-up" using designs from other times. In the decades following the Victorian era new styles appeared with their own characteristics.

Knowing Cabbagetown's styles gives some guidance in making decisions when a home or its details are being restored. Sample these buttons to see your home's style.