A community’s heritage assets often comprise more than individual structures or properties. Many communities can boast of heritage areas or districts, consisting of a collection of heritage properties that may include residential, commercial or institutional buildings, streetscapes, landscapes, bridges, roads, footpaths, vistas and viewsheds, all making up a distinct area with special character.

The Ontario Heritage Act provides municipalities with the ability to protect the character of these areas through Heritage Conservation District designation.

It is not the intent within the Heritage Conservation Districts to force property owners to restore their property or prevent them from making changes as long as the changes are consistent with the conservation intent.

Where new buildings and additions are necessary, the intent is to encourage design that is sympathetic and compatible with the character of the existing heritage properties and the character of the District.



A copy of the guidelines for the Heritage Conservation Districts is available on the City's website:


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Should you have questions or concerns that cannot be met by the District Advisory Committee, please contact Heritage Preservation Services, City of Toronto:

Heritage Preservation Services
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