The CPA Newsletter is produced three or four times per year and is distributed to the neighbourhood at large by teams of enthousiastic volunteers. It carries news of CPA events and programs, related items and articles on restoration and Cabbagetown's cultural history.

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Blooming Streets, CPA’s Annual General Meeting, Hear Barbara Myrvold, author of Parkdale in Pictures, Pick up Sally Gibson’s Peek Inside at the AGM

Spring 2006 16 2
A Walk Down Oak Street; CRP Museum Silent Auction; Toys in a Police station?; Cabbagetown Kid -- Robert McCauley remembers...; Who Said Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees? Fall 2006 16 3


C/RP Museum Reveals A Different Beat; Luigi von Kunits; Home Insurance Issues In HCDs; Third Stage Of Cabbagetown HCD

Approved By Community Council; Looking for a Heritage Contractor?

Late fall 2005 15 4
“Without our past, we have no future”; Cabbagetown People - Tony Brady Performer; Cabbagetown People Donor Appreciation Event; Regent Park Design Review; 2005 Tour of Homes Fall 2005 15 3
Keeping out the cattle; Cabbagetown People - Arthur L. Schawlow Ph.D.; The last piece of the puzzle; Winter 2004/2005 15 1

Take a Walk on the Mild Side, CPA’s New Site: It’s All There, CPA AGM May 26,HCD: The Learning Curve

Spring 2005 15 2
Making a Grand Entrance; Restoration Awards: two fine additions to our streets; Owning a home in a Conservation District...What are the rules?; During the Festival, See Who Lived Just Around The Corner..; Introducing The Don Vale Cabbagetown Residents Association Fall 2004 14 3
CPA at the Crossroads?; Cabbagetown People Plaques - Year Two; Research Completed For Proposed Designated Area; Samuel Johnson Boddy Winter 2003 14 1
What Style is Your Home? Find Out Here; Glass Restoration Adds Drama to Dance Theatre Corner; Cabbagetown’s Heritage Conservation District What do I need to know?; ...And what of Regent Park? Winter 2003/2004 14 1
Forsythia and Blooms; Restoring your brickwork? Check inside first; St. Peter’s Church-140 Years; The Art and Science of Brickwork Restoration Spring 2003 14 2