The CPA Newsletter is produced three or four times per year and is distributed to the neighbourhood at large by teams of enthousiastic volunteers. It carries news of CPA events and programs, related items and articles on restoration and Cabbagetown's cultural history.

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Speakers Night: Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity: The Odyssey of a Canadian Inner City Neightbourhood; Saving the Canopy; Heritage Trees; CPA Anniversary Tour; Fraser Mustard; Garden Tours and Awards


Fall 2014 24 2

Happy Birthday CPA!  Our 2014 AGM and an important discussion on Cabbagetown's canopy, Josef Skvorecky, a CRP Museum exhibit, the Jarvis Family, and more!

Spring 2014 Issue 24 1

Spruce Court: 100 Years; CPA Annual General Meeting; Eden Smith; Garden Tour; Renovating: What You Need to Know; 2013 Walking Tours

Spring 2013 Newsletter 23 1

CPA night November 25, 2013; victorian mourning customs; the Necropolis; Cabbagetown Musicians, Artists, and Writers; giving and receiving awards; Cabbagetown People program expands; Richard Bradshaw; new to the neighbourhood?

Fall 2013 newsletter 23 2

Anniversary of the Rebellion of 1837, Your Home History, Proposed HCD (Southwest)

Spring 2012 22 1

CPA Night, November 26, 2012: Stained Glass with Andrew McCausland.  Results fo teh CPA Community Survey.  Is it Restoration or...?  In celebration of hats.  A successful 2012 Cabbagetown Tour of Homes.

Fall 2012 Newsletter 22 2
Cabbagetown’s Medical Heritage CPA's 2011 AGM: Heritage, Template for the Future CRP Museum 10 years of Cabbagetown People Spring 2011 21 1

CPA Night: The State of Heritage in Toronto; Toronto’s old buildings get a second life as condos; Mooo-ving forward at the Riverdale Farm; Canvassers needed!; A View of Parliament Street from Nettleship’s; Cabbagetown People: New Directory Board, Jack Nichols

Fall 2011 Newsletter 21 2
CPA Night Tues Nov 30; Cabbagetown People Program for Schools; The Adaskin Family; Les gens de Cabbagetown; The French in Cabbagetown; CRP Museum- Future Home, Wellesley Cottages, In the Nursery; Grassroots Action, Local Consent Led to Cabbagetown’s First Heritage Conservation District Fall 2010 20 2
CPA’s AGM. Warming Cabbagetown nights At Regent Park, May 3; Regent Park’s “Big Park”; Businesses Connecting Us to History; Researching the Past: Caerwent HouseStories. J&J Taylor Safe Company; Restoring the Past: Heritage Mill Woodwork Restoration; Expanding the Cabbagetown Heritage Conservation District; Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2010 Spring 2010 20 1