Imagining Cabbagetown: Our Place in the City, Part I


Imagining Cabbagetown: Our Place in the City, Part I

February 27, 2017, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Dixon Hall (formerly St. Peter's Church at Carlton and Bleecker), 188 Carlton Street

Free to CPA Members, $5.00 at the door for others (will be possible to get or renew CPA membership at the door)

Following on the successful last October's Imaging Our Main Street Talk, we turn our sights to the place of Cabbagetown in the City at large. We start with a panel on TOcore, an initiative by the City to prepare a Secondary Plan for Toronto’s Downtown. “TOcore is a comprehensive and integrated look at Toronto’s Downtown and its relationship to the city and region around it. This is the moment to determine the bold policy changes and transformative infrastructure moves needed to ensure Downtown continues on its trajectory towards a more liveable, connected, prosperous, resilient and responsible future" (TOcore website)

Our goal is to have a discussion and to gain a better understanding of this planning exercise and the impact it may have on our community, especially on our main street, Parliament Street.

We have brought together a panel of people who are at the centre of these activities. We hope you will join us and get engaged in the conversation.

Rick Merrill (moderator) is a CPA board member and a Senior Advisor at The Planning Partnership. He has practiced as both an architect and a planner for over 40 years. He concentrates on projects that combine design and planning and his urban design work includes studies of intensification for both the private and public sectors. He has been involved in a number of studies in the across Canada as well as internationally.  

Andrew Farncombe is a Project Manager in the Strategic Initiatives unit of Toronto City Planning. He is responsible for managing 'TOcore: Planning Downtown', a comprehensive and integrated look at the policy changes and infrastructure moves needed to keep our growing Downtown liveable. Prior to joining the City in 2014, Andrew headed the international practice at the Canadian Urban Institute and has worked with cities around the globe to help tackle their planning and growth management challenges. 

Leo DeSorcy is the Program Manager of Urban Design in North York District & the TO Core Parks and Public Realm Master Plan. His current urban design interest includes the Garden City tradition and its local modern evolution. His work at the City of Toronto since 1988 has focused on designing new neighbourhoods and transforming older ones to make dense but complete, walkable and livable neighbourhoods.

Marc Ryan is Principal and co-founder of PUBLIC WORK, a Toronto-based office for urban design and landscape architecture focused on one of the foremost public topics today—the intelligent evolution of the contemporary city. Marc’s experience includes more than 15 years of practice in Canada, the United States and Europe, where he has provided leadership in the design of the public realm able to capture a dramatic new sense of place using landscape as a primary medium.


Dixon Hall (formerly St. Peter's Church)











Dixon Hall (formerly St. Peter's Church)