The CPA organizes walking tours, ghost tours, the famous tour of homes, public lectures, the annual garden tour, etc.  It also takes part in the spring forsythia festival and the fall Cabbagetown festival. See the list below for more details on these and other CPA-related activities.

Cabbagetown People Website

Cabbagetown People Website Revamped and Expanded

Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity

Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity: The Odyssey of a Canadian Inner City Neighbourhood. Cabbagetown 1941-2011

Peggy Kurtin Award Program

Celebrate restoration! 

Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces

Announcement regarding the CPA garden tour

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming CPA Night: Vanishing Cabbagetown; Our first Cabbagetown Talk: Imagining our Main Street; Citizen Forester; New preservation tools; Sir Charles G.D. Roberts; Dead twice?; Cabbagetown Atlanta part 3; The Worker's Cottage; A shoemaker in Cabbagetown; Stretscape in Bloom

Web Columns on Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown featured on series Toronto Time Capsule

Streetscapes in Bloom 2017

Nominate a garden!

Cabbagetown Tea Towels

The Cabbagetown Tea Towels!

Free Walking Tours of Cabbagetown

Free walking tours offered over the summer in partnership with Heritage Toronto.

Tours on Demand

In addition to the free tours we give in Spring and Summer, the CPA is now offering private tours of Cabbagetown. There will be a charge for these, similar to tours given in other cities and in parts of Toronto.