Cabbagetown Tour of Homes

The 2017 Cabbagetown Tour of Homes (CTOH) will take place on Sunday, September 17.

After a hiatus in 2016, this year’s visitors will once again have the chance to see the interiors of some of the most amazing homes in the city. You will visit a wide range of homes.  There is a common thread that links this year’s homes: family and community. We have beautiful homes designed with young children in mind. We have a big loft designed for “collective living”. We also have two Workers's Cottages, an iconic Cabbagetown architectural style; both got a very differnt renovation treatment - one modern, the other more traditional - and both are stunning. We also have a few surprises.

The Cabbagetown Tour of Homes started in the late 1970s as an event organized by realtors to showcase Cabbagetown’s stock of beautiful but untouched Victorian homes. They wanted to show the potential of this neighbourhood, which at the time was a poor and neglected area of the city.  Investors started buying Cabbagetown homes, restoring/renovating them and selling them. In its early iterations, the Tour contributed to Cabbagetown’s rejuvenation, from rags to riches.  

The organization of the Tour then passed on to passionate Cabbagetowners who continued the tradition of showing off this beautiful and very special neighbourhood. The past Tours were quite different from the ones of today: the Tours were often spread over 2 days with different homes on both days. There were evening Tours, there were Christmas Tours, there even were chamber music tours, etc. Back then, the proceeds from the Tour of Homes were reinvested in local community causes and/or organizations.

About ten years ago, the CPA took over the Tour. Since then, a committee of hard-working CPA volunteers has been organizing the Tour while trying to refocus it and bringing it closer to the raison d'être of the CPA: understanding Cabbagetown and explaining/showcasing its built and human heritage.  We now not only “show” but we are also trying to “tell”.

The Tour of Homes has also become the CPA’s main fundraising event. The proceeds are now reinvested in the CPA and its programs: the Cabbagetown People program (blue plaques, website, brochures, free tours for schools, social history research projects, etc.), the Peggy Kurtin Awards (excellence in restoration, improved facades, etc.), the CPA newsletters, the CPA website and Facebook page, the CPA free walking tours in partnership with Heritage Toronto and others, the Streetscapes in Bloom garden competition, the Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces garden tour, our Cabbagetown Talks series and other public meetings, our information package for new Cabbagetown residents, and other important contributions to the city.  And there is more to come. The CPA has also been supporting various local community organizations like our sister organization, the Cabbagetown Heritage Conservation District Committee.

This Tour is self-guided. A map is included in the ticket and will help ticketholders find your way while walking around our beautiful neighbourhood. Furthermore, please ticketholders can take advantage of the various offers presented by selected local businesses.

We expect that tickets will be available as of mid- to late August 2017. We will post new information here as soon as it becomes available.