Streetscapes in Bloom 2017

Here is the list of nominated front gardens for 2017. Check them out!

The winner will be announced at the CPA Fall 2017 public meeting (date TBA).

34 Aberdeen Avenue
1 Geneva Avenue
28 Geneva Avenue
456 Sumach Street
456 Wellesley Street
266 Carlton Street

The winner of the 2016 Streetscapes in Bloom competition was 112 Winchester Street (corner of Sackville).

Streetscapes are in Bloom!

For several years now, the CPA has run a friendly competition called “Streetscapes in Bloom”.  Through this program, the CPA presents an award to a homeowner whose garden has been deemed the best of the competition.  Any garden in Cabbagetown can be nominated. 

The annual winner receives an original watercolour of his or her garden done by a local artist, plus an art glass medallion from Kitras Glass and a wrought iron garden crook.  

As you walk through the neighbourhood, spot the glass medallions indicating former winners!  

A formal presentation takes place at the Fall Public Meeting of the CPA (usually late November).

Nomination Process

The nomination process is very simple. If you notice a deserving garden, write to us at Tell us why you think it is a winning garden. Attach a picture if you can and do so before May 27, 2017.

Criteria For the Gardens

The judging panel, composed of past winners and members of the CPA Board, visit the nominated gardens four times over the months of June, July, August and September. The categories are: 

  • plant material (annuals, perennials, shrubs, evergreens, biodiversity, sustainability),
  • hard landscaping (paving material, water feature, sculptures, fences, lighting),
  • landscape design (path system, winter interest, containers),
  • execution (manicured, weeded, tended, cared for), and
  • overall Impression. 

Points are given in each category then tallied at the end and a winner decided. 


In 1996, a pan-Canadian competition called “Communities in Bloom” was initiated. The garden group from 90-98 Winchester Street was nominated and won a “designated site” award as part of a local community project category.

These homeowners are proud to have been a part of the competition,  to have been nominated by appreciative neighbours, and to have won such an honour.

The city of Toronto won the award for Best Capital City in the nation.

In 1997 the CPA began presenting the annual “Streetscapes in Bloom” Awards.

Past Winners

1996 90-98 Winchester Street
1997 123 Winchester Street
1998 94 Amelia Street
1999 31 Spruce Street
2000 419 Wellesley Street
2001 331 Wellesley Street
2002 76 Amelia Street
2003 60 Spruce Street
2004 334 Carlton Street
2005 2 Geneva Avenue
2006 28 Amelia Street
2007 5-7 Geneva Street
2008 308 Carlton Street
2009 368 Wellesley Street and 118 Winchester (tie)
2010 18 Metcalfe Street
2011 274 Carlton Street
2012 270 Carlton Street and 427 Sackville Street (tie)
2013 403 Sackville Street
2014 62 Amelia Street
2015 19 Amelia Street
2016 112 Winchester Street