Streetscapes in Bloom


2014 Nominated Gardens

62 Amelia   WINNER!
141 Amelia
266 Carlton


2013 Winner

403 Sackville Street

2013 Nominated Gardens

We are glad to annouce the Summer of 2013 nominated gardens:

14 Metcalfe Street

34 Nasmith Avenue

403 Sackville Street

444 Sackville Street

57-59 Winchester Street

What is Streetscapes in Bloom?

Gardening is becoming the number one hobby in Canada and we are all the beneficiaries as we stroll the streets of Cabbagetown.The gardens in our neighbourhood continue to display remarkable flora, and are a testament to the imagination and hard work of Cabbagetown gardeners.For almost a decade, the CPA has presented an award to a homeowner whose “garden of merit” has been nominated by a resident of Cabbagetown. The annual winner receives an original watercolour of their garden done by artist Marion Wilson, a member of the Withrow Park Artists Group plus an art glass medallion from Kitras Glass and a wrought iron garden crook. A formal presentation takes place at the Fall Annual General Meeting of the CPA. Runners-up are presented with certificates of merit.

When did this award begin?

In 1996, a competition was held throughout Canada celebrating “Communities in Bloom” and the gardens of 90-98 Winchester Street won a certificate of merit. This award started the whole Cabbagetown event and the name was changed, for our neighbourhood, to "Streetscapes in Bloom".

Who is eligible for nomination?

Any garden in the catchment area served by the CPA may be nominated. (See the judging process as outlined below).

When does the judging happen?

The judges begin visiting the gardens shortly after nominations close in May. The visits take place monthly through September in order for the judging panel to evaluate the gardens throughout the entire growing season.

How do I nominate a garden?

As you wander along our beautiful streets and notice a particularly lovely botanical effort, hear the splash of a fountain or espy a fanciful fence, note the house number and forward it to the chair of the judging panel, Helen Coltrinari. The judging panel needs the exact address of the garden and, if possible, the owner’s name.

Nominations are accepted until May 30th of the award year.

You may use any of the following contact methods:

  • Phone: 416-923-6165 (leave a detailed message)
  • Email us

How will I know that my garden has been nominated?

Early in June and before the first visit by the judges, nominees are informed by letter that they have been selected and that the panel will visit the garden four times, June through September. The winning garden is chosen by the end of September and the homeowner is notified shortly thereafter.

What is the judging process?

Each member of the committee uses an evaluation sheet which assigns a score in a number of garden categories from design, to accents, to maintenance. If a garden does not have a feature on the list (e.g. water, tall trees), it is not penalized but simply marked n/a. In September, scores are tallied to come up with a winner.

To be nominated, the following criteria are considered:

The attraction of the garden must be clearly visible from the street (hence the name of the award: Streetscapes in Bloom). In addition to the flora, the judges look for other appealing features: water, path work, sculpture, perennials, shrubbery, including vines, plantings suitable for the sun exposure of the garden and of course, colour. In general, the garden should exhibit an aspect the would cause a passerby to pause and notice.

Who are are the judges?

The chair of the judging panel is Helen Coltrinari. The previous year’s winner is invited to join the panel, standing members Ruth Wagner, Ken McKenzie, Stephen Boddy, and Sandra Riches.



View the 2012 award presentation here

Past awards







270 Carlton Street


274 Carlton Street

Janet Wicks & Lory Brouillette


Lyanne Schlichter




18 Metcalfe Street


Gilles Huot and John White




368 Wellesley Street

118 Winchester Street


A. Lanoli

Tim Fry




308 Carlton Street 


Charlyne Krahn & Lewie Gonzales




5-7 Geneva Ave


Sandy Riches & Lou Vanvogouis; Jim V. & Helen V.




28 Amelia


Ken McKenzie




2 Geneva Avenue


Ruth Wagner




334 Carlton Street


Paul Shearstone




60 Spruce St.


J. Parla




76 Amelia St


Ann Keefer 




331 Wellesley St


Annette Ross 




419 Wellesley St


Richard Spence 




31 Spruce St.





94 Amelia St.





123 Winchester St.






90-98 Winchester St.


This garden grouping was nominated for the cross Canada competition “Communities in Bloom” and was awarded a certificate of merit. This award marked the beginning of the Cabbagetown Streetscapes in Bloom annual competition.


Past Honourable Mentions

Prospect Street Community Garden
A delightful perennial surprise west of Parliament Street

Sword Street
New boulevard boxes with plantings and greenery add to the charm of this small street

Metcalfe Street South of Winchester
Iron fencing, boulevard flower pots, creative stonework and welcoming gardens all add to the appeal of this streetscape.

Winchester Street Garden at Tim Horton’s

An attractive corner plot filled with perennials and annuals as well as evergreen bushes. A welcome addition to the property.