Peggy Kurtin Award Program

At our May 2018 Annual General Meeting, we announced the winners of the 2018 Peggy Kurtin Award Program.

Excellence in Restoration:

Congratulations to the owners of 9 DERMOTT PLACE.


The CPA celebrates great work in restoration and streetscape improvements as it presents these Awards every year.  They are named after Peggy Kurtin (1932-2009), a former CPA president who, for many years, was the soul and engine of heritage in Cabbagetown.  

Owners who have completed some significant work to the front (or rear - see program components below) of their homes (or other building) within the past two years are likely eligible.  Unfinished work but work expected to be completed before the final date for annual submissions - which is April 15th of each year - may also be eligible.  The CPA looks for entries that will enhance the streetscape of our community through an imaginative understanding of the scale, materials, and detailing which have contributed to the character our streets. 

The Peggy Kurtin Award Program includes:

1. Excellence in Restoration
This is our main Award. The winner will be presented with an artful rendering of the building.

2. Special Additions (Lanescape/Infill)
The winner with be presented with a certificate.

3. Improved Facades
The winner will be presented with a certificate.

The Award criteria are:
The appropriateness of the improvement within the context of the street.
The appropriateness of materials, colours, and other changes in light of the objectives of a heritage district.
The perceived improvement over the original facade.

Alternatively, where new buildings are involved, the CPA welcomes entries which are creatively modern in style, yet sympathetic to their inner-city context. 

Submission Process

Submissions should include photographs and/or drawings showing the before and after conditions of the project, together with a brief written description of the work involved, the philosophy of the owner towards the work, and a bit about the process/history.

Send your submission to:

The winner is announced at the CPA Annual General Meeting which takes place at the end of May of each year (exact date TBD).

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