Past Awards


Award Winner:
308 Carlton Street

Honourable Mentions for 2008

18 Metcalfe Street
29 Sword Street
369 Wellesley Street
403 Sackville Street
19 Amelia Street


Past Honourable Mentions

Prospect Street Community Garden
A delightful perennial surprise west of Parliament Street

Sword Street
New boulevard boxes with plantings and greenery add to the charm of this small street

Metcalfe Street South of Winchester
Iron fencing, boulevard flower pots, creative stonework and welcoming gardens all add to the appeal of this streetscape.

Committee members
Steve Poulin, Stephen Boddy, Ruth Wagner & Ken Mackenzie, Paul Shearestone, Ruth Wagner, Sandra Riches & Dr. Jim Vanougios

Past Winners

2006 28 Amelia St.
2007 5-7 Geneva St.
2008 308 Carlton St.