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The Cabbagetown Preservation Association (CPA) was founded in 1989 to help preserve the architectural integrity and historic character of Cabbagetown.  The CPA was instrumental in the creation of the Cabbagetown heritage conservation districts (HCDs) in the early 2000s.  

These changes in the heritage landscape allowed the CPA to expand its mandate and focus on other aspects of heritage conservation.  The CPA grew and is now running several educational programs that aim at interpreting and better understanding Cabbagetown’s heritage and the significant achievements of Cabbagetown’s, past, present and future residents as well as the history of the area and its stock of buildings and landmarks, including two heritage cemeteries. 

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Cabbagetown People Website

Cabbagetown People Website Revamped and Expanded

Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity

Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity: The Odyssey of a Canadian Inner City Neighbourhood. Cabbagetown 1941-2011

Peggy Kurtin Award Program

Celebrate restoration! 

2017 Cabbagetown Tour of Homes

The 2017 Cabbagetown Tour of Homes (CTOH) will take place on Sunday, September 17.

Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces

Announcement regarding the CPA garden tour

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming CPA Night: Vanishing Cabbagetown; Our first Cabbagetown Talk: Imagining our Main Street; Citizen Forester; New preservation tools; Sir Charles G.D. Roberts; Dead twice?; Cabbagetown Atlanta part 3; The Worker's Cottage; A shoemaker in Cabbagetown; Stretscape in Bloom

Web Columns on Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown featured on series Toronto Time Capsule

Streetscapes in Bloom 2017

Nominate a garden!

Cabbagetown Tea Towels

The Cabbagetown Tea Towels!

Renovating your home? What you need to know!

Most of Cabbagetown is designated as a heritage conservation district (HCD).  What does this mean to homeowners?