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The Cabbagetown Preservation Association (CPA) was founded in 1989 to help preserve the architectural integrity and historic character of Cabbagetown.  The CPA was instrumental in the creation of the Cabbagetown heritage conservation districts (HCDs) in the early 2000s.  

These changes in the heritage landscape allowed the CPA to expand its mandate and focus on other aspects of heritage conservation.  The CPA grew and is now running several educational programs that aim at interpreting and better understanding Cabbagetown’s heritage and the significant achievements of Cabbagetown’s, past, present and future residents as well as the history of the area and its stock of buildings and landmarks, including two heritage cemeteries. 

What's new at the CPA?

Streetscapes in Bloom

A great Cabbagetown tradition: gardening!

Property Records

Digitized information on your property.

Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour - June 8, 2014

Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour - June 8, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Membership Drive

Are you a member of the Cabbagetown Preservation Association (CPA)?  You may think you are; but chances are you’re not, or no longer are.  We haven’t been very good at keeping our lists up to date over the last couple of years but this is about to change. We've launched a new membership drive.

Fall 2013 newsletter

CPA night November 25, 2013; victorian mourning customs; the Necropolis; Cabbagetown Musicians, Artists, and Writers; giving and receiving awards; Cabbagetown People program expands; Richard Bradshaw; new to the neighbourhood?

The CPA Earns Two Heritage Toronto Awards
The Cabbagetown Preservation Association honoured at the 2013 Heritage Toronto Awards ceremony.
Peggy Kurtin Award for Excellence in Restoration

The deadline for subssions for the Peggy Kurtin Award for Excellence in Restoration is April 15, 2014.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Spruce Court: 100 Years; CPA Annual General Meeting; Eden Smith; Garden Tour; Renovating: What You Need to Know; 2013 Walking Tours

CPA Survey Results

Results of the fall 2012 CPA Community Survey.

Streetscapes in Bloom 2012 Presentation

This is a presentation for the 2012 Streetscapes in Bloom award. It summarizes the 16 year history of the program.